Is there something around the 60 degrees latitude south that blocks the energy exchange between Antarctica and the rest of the Southern?

Hemisphere which makes Antarctica extremely cold

ignoramus: The Antarctic Circumpolar Current. https

The Antarctic Circumpolar Current.

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Well, yes, at the very basic level there is the polar cell (the pole equivalent of the equatorial Hadley Cell). It is part of the fundamental atmospheric circulation. air rises at the equator and at about 60 degrees (each way) and descends at about 30 degrees (each way) and at the poles. part of the reason we have trade winds, and the jet stream is more or less the high altitude way that the systems are segregated (there is more than one "jet stream"). This is a very simplistic model of air circulation, because it differs in detail, but the idea is still true. It is why storms track the way they do in the mid-latitudes like the US and many other things, like why desert areas tend to be at 30 degrees.


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