Are still Some people believe in Flat earth theory ?



You're the only one -- even after 10 million questions posted under your host of sock puppets that keep getting suspended for posting chat questions. We know it's you because you no speaky ze Engrish so good.


It is not a theory. It comes nowhere close to being one. As this is science forum I am only going to consider the scientific term 'theory'. Yes, there are still people who think the Earth is flat.


<[Do] [some] people [still] believe in the Flat [Earth] theory?> I imagine that most of them are trolls who just like pulling people's chains, but there are a few fundamentalist nutters over in Religion & Spirituality who seem to genuinely accept this as fact. And I'm confident virtually everyone who really believes this are willfully-ignorant religious fundamentalists. That's not surprising. These are people who profess to believe that their lives are magically ruled, if not outright controlled, by invisible supernatural beings no one can credibly claim to have ever seen or seen any undeniable tangible evidence. So what's one more absurd belief? Global flood? Sure. Sun stopping in the sky? Why not? Pizza shaped planet? Bring it. Reason and rationality might as well not apply when it comes to the beliefs of superstitious people. . .

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pick any damnfool notion, somewhere there's a damnfool who believes it

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There is no "flat Earth theory", theories require supporting evidence to exist.


only idiots