Https:// is this true?



Yes, the article exists. The story is not verified by the scientists that actually study Yellowstone and live there of course.


Yes, this does happen and is true, BUT whether it is true for Yellowstone I doubt very much. Mt. St. Helen's swelled more than 5 ft and more in the weeks before it erupted in May, 1980. I saw NO reference to Michio Kaku in the Express articles I read, but maybe I did not read the correct article. Other volcanoes have exhibited similar behaviors before erupting. The Express is NOT a scientifically reliable source. Neither is The Guardian. In geological terms, "imminent" can mean 100 to 5000 or 10000 years. Yellowstone is erupting ALL the time, every time a geyser goes off. This means pressure is NOT building up in the magma chamber. Yes, the Yellowstone magma chamber IS much bigger than scientists had thought. THAT IS true. Yellow stone IS warming up because of global warming, so the vegetation is affected. I really do have an almost M.S. in geophysics and an M.S in geology. I have the transcripts to back it up.


he is "Michio Kaku, professor of theoretical physics in the City College of New York". I don't think he is a volcano expert.