Water you drink - if it’s been here since earth began does that mean it has been drank by other organisms?

I heard that the water has been here for billions of years since the earth started. Does that mean it has been consumed in the past by other organisms and then recycled?


Yes it has. You drink the dino pee of every species, nay, every individual that ever lived.


both the molecules of water and the air's molecules of oxygen have been used many times before they get to you


Not quite in the way you see it. The hydrogen and oxygen atoms of which water is composed have always been around. However, water as a mass liquid is not always made up of the same molecules. There is no need to worry that the water you drink today was urinated by an elephant four weeks ago.


well, sort of. not in that same mass, but every single atom in the water has been around, and around, and around. Through plants, converted to sugar, through animals, through the ground, reacted into rock and back into water, down to the sea and up in the air, over and over. Sure, there might be some atoms in that mass which have seen only you, but not very many.


Everything on earth has been recycled countless times

Jake No Chat

Yes, it has been through many different species, and it has made the rounds.

Pearl L

probably, they had to drink sonnething too

yup. it filters through surface rocks until it reaches collection points underground that wells use to bring it back to the surface. even urine is filtered and reused via waste management facilities.


The water you drink today is the same water that the dinosaurs peed in.


Far, far worse than just drank by other creatures.


over and over and over ...........................................................