What type of magma is in Taal volcano?



The Taal volcano in the Philippines is an "island-arc", subduction-related volcano. One would expect the magmas to be in the basalt-andesite-rhyolite series, with the more quiescent eruptions to be more basaltic, and the more violent (sometimes phreatic) eruptions to be more rhyolitic. If you are only given one choice, say the eruptions are andesitic.

Atarah Derek

Mostly felsic, given it's a stratavolcano. Stratavolcanoes tend to have more viscous magma, rich in feldspar and quartz. Whereas mafic magmas are less viscous, and tend to produce shield volcanoes. From the history Wikipedia gives of Taal, it has been known to produce lava fountains, meaning its magma is sometimes more mafic than felsic.