Saturation current in the reverse bias region.?

in the reverse bias region the saturation current of a silicon diode is about .1 micro amps (T=20 degrees Celsius). Determine its approximate value if the temperature is increased 40 degree Celsius. The book has the correct answer as 1.6 micro amps but i don't know how to get that. I thought that saturation current would double for every 10 degree increase when in reverse bias region which would make the answer .4 micro amps.


The rule of thumb is that the reverse leakage current doubles for approximate every 5–10 degree Celsius rise in temperature. Leakage current is sometimes labeled (incorrectly) saturation current. I agree with your answer of 0.4 µA, but if we take the "doubles every 5º rule, then the anser is 0.1, 0,2, 0. 4, 0.8, 1.6 µA. That is just a rule of thumb, and actual values vary all over the place. PS, put a 0 in front of decimal values.


It is obtained from a chart curve.