A plane travels from Des Moines to Phoenix and on to Atlanta and back to Des Moines find the distance in miles from Des Moines to Phoenix if?



You haven't got the hang of this yet, have you ? Just put a short title in the box, then click on "Details" to give COMPLETE information required. You can always update afterwards by editing the question.


Type in "Air distance Des Moines to Phoenix" in the search box of your browser. You will get 1149 miles from the Des Moines airport to Sky Harbor in Phoenix. That is the only way to solve the problem since you did not give any distance, angles, etc in your question....DUH....


Please complete your question.


A plane travels from Des Moines to Phoenix, on to Atlanta, and then completes the trip directly back to Des Moines. Write the lengths of the legs of the trip (because it forms a triangle) in order from greatest to least. The angle degrees are.. Des Moines: (8x + 4) Phoenix: (11x - 37) Atlanta: (5x + 21) The longest legs are opposite the largest angles. The sum of the angles is 180°, so we have 8x + 4 + 11 x - 37 + 5x + 21 = 180° 24 x - 12 = 180° divide by 12 2 x - 1 = 15 2x = 16 x = 8 Angle D = 68° Angle P = 51° Angle A = 61° So the legs in order from longest to shortest are: Phoenix to Atlanta Des Moines to Phoenix Atlanta to Des Moines


"if" what?