Can we move landmass in anyway? For example move Indian sub continent towards South Pole?



We cannot change the movement of the magma in the mantle that is pushing the plates above it.

Tundra Rob

Technically speaking, if you picked up a stone on the northern border of India and dropped it on the southern coast, you have moves the centre of mass of the country, albeit by a minuscule amount. If you employed the entire population of India full time to carry rocks (using any form of transport that current technology allows) for the next ten thousand years or so the net movement of India might even come close to a millimetre or so.


Lots and lots of nukes could do it, maybe millions to billions of them could melt the crust and top of mantle, and with giant pusher plates, thrust that continent south. But what to do about the radiation? All life on Earth would be poisoned and dead forever before the project even got a good start.


In one word NO!!!! The Indian subcontinent is moving northwards into Asia , and pushing up the Himalayas in the process.


Today with our technology, no.