What city in Arizona is closest to Los Angeles California?



Looking at a map, probably San Luis. The closest city with an airport would be Yuma.

Bill-M: Bull Head City is closer than Yuma. Update

Bull Head City is closer than Yuma. Update: Ehrenberg is 228 Miles. Yuma is 284 Miles Bull Head is 280 Miles

frank lynn

Large city or small? Yuma is geographically closer than most or maybe Lake Havasu City. They however are not on roads that lead directly to LA. Major city would be Glendale, which is West of Phoenix.

Ryan Kadlec





Yuma? Define closest, do you mean by driving? Or as the crow flies? Does it have to be a city, or any old little town? Example: Ehrenberg, Arizona is straight out east on I-10, just across the border from Blythe, California. But its population is 1470.