Why are some American cities named after Canadian ones?


Judy & Charlie

For the SAME REASON American cities are named after British ones....why? See Plymouth, Mass.


Maybe they are all named after European cities. Read a little history and find out why.


The mid-west used to be a colony of France? It was called the Louisianna Purchase.

John P

Quite likely both are named after British, or French cities. Most non-native names (e.g. not Mississippi or Missouri) in any ex-colonial part of the world are named after places or grandees of the colonising countries. That is why there are so many Spanish names in southern parts of the USA such as Los Angeles and Nevada and Las Vegas.


both names derive from the same source, the British Isles. York is a good example, an historic city in northern England

Tundra Rob

Saut St. Marie, Michigan is named after Saut St. Marie, Ontario. The two cities are on opposite sides of the the St. Mary's river which forms the national border at that point. The two cities were originally one community under first French and then British administration up until 1817 when the Joint Border Commission established the international boundary. Brampton and Brantford in North Dakota are both named after cities in Ontario. Oshawa, Minesota is named after Oshawa, Ontario. Toronto, Ohio is named after Toronto, Ontario. Halifax, Missouri is named after Halifax, Nova Scotia. These US communities were all established by settlers from Canada who named their new community after their place of origin.


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