Why do people say United States isn’t a continent?

United States is a continent!

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It's not a Continent. It shares a Continent with Canada and Mexico.

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Well the North American continent includes Canada And the USA is actually a collection of 50 States including Alaska and Hawaii Maybe shortly Mexico Like Britain, it is not just England Scotland and wales added on means Great Britian Plus Northern Ireland , where I live makes the United Kingdom Before 1922, the Republic of Ireland was also part of the UK


The United States of America (USA) is NOT a continent. It is a country(sovereign nation). It is located on the continent of North America, together with Canada, Mexico, Honduras etc.,


Another poor white body who failed the geography class!


its part of continent- north america


The United States of America is not a continent. Indeed, the entire USA is not part of the same continent. The 48 contiguous states and the state of Alaska are part of the North American continent.


Not all of the USA is on the continent of North America. The state of Hawaii and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands, Guam, Midway, Johnston Island, several other places are not on the North American continent.


The United States is a part of the North American continent (Canada is a larger part, Mexico is a smaller part).


Because it isn't. The USA is part of the North American Continent which stretches from Canada to the border between Panama and Colombia.


The United States is a republic, and is a part of the North American continent. There are other countries on that continent. South America is another continent that contains different countries. Look on a globe, and you will see what I mean.


The continental United States is NOT a continent. North America and South America are continents. Willful ignorance can be very expensive and very FATAL.


The continental United States is the area of the United States of America that is located in the continent of North America.


There is an American continent with 20+ countries in it.


The USA isn't a continent. It's PART of a continent. It shares North America with Canada.


Because it ISN'T. The United States is a country in North America.

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United States itself is not a continent. It is situated in East America continent. In this continent there are several countries like US, Canada, Mexico etc. So Us is a country of East America Continent.

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Because it is part of the North American continent.


It is part of North America 😎


Why you ask? Because it is not a continent. You just failed Geography. Your lesson for today - The Seven Continents: 1. North America 2. South America 3. Europe 4. Africa 5. Asia 6. Australia 7. Antarctica

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Because they are correct in that statement. Does your school really have no atlas or geographical globe for you to look at and see the truth??!! Oh, I suppose you live in one of those benighted states of the USA which does not teach you about the realities of the world.

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It's not a continent, but it is a Jumbonation. That's my new word; Jumbonation.


Only globalists think in those terms. They See America as Putin's next island to over Throw and take over. To expand the power Of global totalitarianism. They want tyrants Dominating and oppressing everyone. No Freedom, no human rights, no privacy, no Legal representation, no justice, no property, No money. You become their slaves or cattle.


They forget we have not annexed Mexico yet.


I agreed


Iz part of America but iz no continent by izself.


The Americas is a continent.


Itsa planet


Okay okay it is, just don't cry