Diarrhoea on planes? Immodium even if you don’t have diarrhoea?

Hi, I’ve had IBS for around 9 months but it only flares up when I’m under stress. I recently had another flare up because of exams, same reason as last time. I am on tablets for it and it is pretty much controlled as of now. However, in September (yes, months away) I’m going to greee which is about a 5+ hour plane journey. I’m scared I’ll have a IBS attack whilst on the plane or before coming back. Even if I didn’t have diarrhoea, could I still take immodeium before the plane ride? Thanks


Yup you can, and in my experience it is advisable. a lot of times I will take immodium way before I even have diarrhea because I just have that feeling my stomach is upset and I might have problems later. Immodium basically slows your digestive system down. This slowing down allows the food in your digestive tract to pass more naturally through your intestines and obtain more water making it less runny and more solid (like normal poop) It takes time though, it won't immediately work. My experience is to take one even if i don't have diarrhea but just a slight stomach ache or a feeling I might have a problem later on, then throughout the day you can take some more if it gets worse.


Yes it's safe to take Imodium beforehand if you're worried. Many people do.


Normal with IBS. Meditation helps and drinking plenty of fluids, potassium intake as well as bananas.