How can i get thc out of my system?

hi there is a situation going on and i’m very angry and i’m not going to explain it, but bottom line i’m not allowed to smoke weed anymore and it was the one thing that actually helped my depression and it’s already starting to kick up again and my mom is going to drug test me at the end of the month and do random drug tests but i really want to smoke. how can i still smoke pot and pass these drug tests with them coming clean? because if they are not clean i will not be allowed to drive until i am 18 and i do not want that but also i don’t want to feel as awful as i do now please help


It takes 2 weeks to no longer be detectable in urine, nothing you can do about that. Energy drinks, exercise, drinking water or cranberry juice or "detox" tea or drinks does nothing. If its the only thing that helps your depression, get a medical marijuana prescription.


drink lots of water, 2 gal or more 1hr.before test


It sounds like you're a regular smoker. With that being the case, it will be in your system for 30 days. I had to do drug screenings for probation. And my first couple test came back positive. I had stopped smoking for 30 days before I had a clean screening. Your best bet is to stop or get a medical card, but you're not passing that test at the end of this month.

Doc Diddles

High doses of magnesium have been shown to cause marijuana urine tests to give false negatives. Could give it a try. Or admit you have a problem and quit smoking. Up to you.

Vinegar Taster

Simple , you can't .

The Mush

You're not driving partner...just sayin'.




There are ads for products that allow you to smoke pot and remove the chemicals from your system so you can pass a drug test (at work or for a driving test).