Gallstones and gallbladder removal?

My dad has gallstone. The doctor said he needs to do a surgery to remove the gallstones and asked if he would like the gallbladder to be removed too. What is best to do? Remove the gallstones alone or Remove both the gallstones and gallbladder together? He is 60 years old and has diabetes.


He needs to be referred to a surgical specialist and have the merits of the options explained depending on his exact diagnosis. He would not, for example, benefit from having recurrent acute cholecystitis.


Definitely get the doctor's opinion first. But remove the gallbladder! If not, the stones can reoccur and he can be back where he started. It is possible that gallstones are hereditary and are caused by the composition of a person's bile. This would mean that they would just form again. Sometimes people without a gallbladder develop chronic diarrhea for the rest of their lives, but there is a medication that can treat this. Definitely ask the doctor about potential side effects but realize that he may be back where he started again if he leaves the gallbladder in.


Remove the gall bladder. Just removing the gallstones doesn't prevent a recurrence. Removing the gall bladder has become easier through the years. Long ago it meant a week in the hospital. Now ,you might stay overnight.


Gallstones only. And then lifestyle change, i.e. stop eating fats, and continue with statin medication and the metformin&al diabetes medications.