Why aren't antiviral medications used more commonly?

There exist medications which can be used to treat certain viral diseases, yet they are often only used in the most severe cases. Why aren't they used more commonly?

Diane A

They don’t work well and they have significant side effects


The normal human is able to easily eliminate the virus without any need for antivirals. Since the virus depletes Vitamin B and C while replicating, Cap Zevit (vitamin and mineral) supplement is advised. It is essential to maintain good hydration so ORS of WHO formulation is advised. The risk groups including elderly, very young, immune-compromised, and those exposed to a higher risk are given vaccinations in accordance with the schedule. Sometimes, as in the case of flu with say H5N9, it is important to restrict the viral illness that does cause more severe infection needing management in the ICU. These are given antiviral drugs. True. Antiviral drugs do have significant side effects.