Numbness after gyno surgery ?

So i've had Gynocomastia surgery about 9 days ago, both liposuction and gland extraction. Thing is, the area surrounding my nipples are still numb.. i've never been into surgery before and this is my first so i'm not sure if this is normal or not. I've read that it's common to lose sensation for good in the area which isn't good news. Is it a common thing to have a temporary or permanent numbness in the area after surgery ?


It can be temporary but some is permanant. When I had a C section most of the scar was numb but a few years later, only one small area is numb. Do stay in contact with your doctor.




If it is a common result then yes it is normal or at least should be no surprise. If you are concerned, call your surgeon’s office and talk to them.


You should probably call your doctor.