Do I have a brain tumor?

I’m a 26 year old female, with two young kids. I have no major health issues except PCOS, astigmatism, and proctitis. I also suffer from depression and extreme health anxiety, to with I’m currently not being treated for. Back in March of 2018, I when through a help entirety crisis lasting almost two weeks. I made 4 ER visits and numerous doctor visits. I though I had anything from ALS, to pancreatic cancer. I had an MRI of my head, CT scan of my abdomen, several x-rays, colonoscopy, and an endoscopy, and numerous blood work. I managed to overcome it with support and medication. I started nursing school about two and a half weeks ago. After class, I thought that I was going to have a heart attack, I freak out. Ever since then, I’ve been feeling off. Anxiety is bad, heart paltations, inner vibrations, some confusion, brain fog, weirdness in my head, just general sense of uneasiness. What really set me off, was a vivid nightmare that I had brain cancer. I went to the doctor yesterday to get checked out. My heart rate was in the 130’s, my bp was 155/110. They sent me to hospital where they did an EKG, blood, and u/a. EKG was fine, besides trachychardia. Blood work was fine but I did have a urinary tact infection. By time I left, my heart rate was 102 and my blood pressure was down to normal. It had went down without any medicine... I had an MRI of my head less than a year ago for ringing in my ears, nothing found. What are the chances that a brain tumor has grown since then?


From all the tests and investigations you have had done and their results there is no reason to suspect you have any form of physical disease. As a 26-year-old there is no reason to be suspicious you have any physical disease. Dreams do not predict anything. They are meaningless. If they came true I would have had a battle with dwarfs inside a thorny forest! You clearly have a problem with anxiety. What you do not need is CT scans, MRI scans, blood work, etc. You need to be referred to a psychiatrist or a psychologist to have your mental health addressed. I have to wonder if nursing is going to be a wise choice of profession. Every time you hear about a disease you are going to be looking for and doing your best to see if you have the symptoms of it.


You need a psychiatrist way more than a medical doctor. Please see one.

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No , but you do have serious mental issues . Please see a doctor , ASAP ...


Just trying to lose some weight if you have too much body weight, and perhaps exercising would really help.


glioblastoma . get your affairs in order .


It doesn't sound like a brain tumor at all. It sounds like you are causing symptoms out of your stress and anxiety - everything you describe can be attributed to stress.


Slim to none. Your anxiety is what is setting off your symptoms. The stress of nursing school may be triggering it.