Is carotid endarterectomy a major surgery with great risks?

My grandfather is having surgery in about a week due to carotid artery stenosis. According to the surgeon, the surgery would take about 2.5 hours. I was at school so I don’t know anything the doctor said. What are the risks involved in this surgery? Is it overall a risky surgery? Is a 2.5 hour surgery considered major? I’m very concerned rn because I’m very close with my grandfather. Thank you

Diane A

The length isnt "major" and half that time is prep and closedown. The major risks with this is the possibility of a stroke. All surgeries have risk, but a clotted carotid is already a stroke waiting to happen. Many people have this procedure, including my dad, and do very well. Talk to your Grandfather about this, ask him his thoughts and what the doctor said. it may alleviate some of your fears.


I think so, but surgeons with lots of experience should be fine.


Yes, it's risky, but it's riskier to just let the artery alone. This is a common kind of surgery. 2.5 hours isn't a long time for surgery ,but the age of the patient is a big deal in terms of the anesthesia. 60 year olds survive anesthesia a lot more than 80 year olds do.