Correct me if I am wrong if the earth is flat (it's clearly not) wouldn't the seasons change drastically? wouldn't winter be longer?


Jeffrey K

On a flat disk, the whole world would be in the same season at the same time. The southern hemisphere wouldn't have summer when we have winter. Everywhere would be in the same time zone also. But you can't use logic when talking to flat earth people.

Ronald 7

Yes, Drastically And Lunar Eclipses would look like this


Flat earthers are full of it. Down here in the islands we can prove we live on the back of the great turtle. The seasons change as he swims threw the wet & dry areas of the great sea. In a great circle. Giving us the 4 seasons. Wet dry, wet dry. But the wet seasons are only a little cooler do to rain. All children know this. By the stories we tell them before bed time.


Silly, we all know that earth is a bowl shape.


NO their would be 3 of each seasons each yr Hope that helps!

Jerry S

yes, most definitely.


Cats would of pushed everything off the edges too.


Everyone would have fallen off it by now


I'm not sure why there would *be* different seasons with a flat Earth... I feel bad for people trying to defend their belief of this in the face of simple physics. But, I believed in Santa Claus until I was 8 or so...


The thing about the flat earth belief system is that they can just stick a load of ad hoc justifications for how things are because it isn't scientific, so while I don't know the specific reasons they've made up, it hardly even matters.


Winters and summers would both be twice as long. There would still be summer and winter, because the 'pizza' would still be angled more toward the Sun half the year than the other because of the axial tilt. . But you bring to mind an argument against Flat-Eartherism I don't remember considering before: it would always be winter and summer at the same time of year everywhere on the planet, no matter if you live in the far Southern Hemisphere in Tasmania or in the far north of Finland; the seasons couldn't be opposite as they are now. So good going--you just disproved a flat Earth all by yourself. . .


If the Earth is flat there would be no seasons or even humans...

Choose a bloody best answer. It's not hard.

Why/how would a flat Earth make winter longer?

Adullah M

When we say the world is round like an orange , we can explain logically how its being round, but when some one say the world is flat no one on earth could explain with reason and understanding how flat it is.


The change of seasons that we experience is a result of the sun's position in the sky as it passes over the surface of the Earth. As the sun moves around the rim of the Earth plane, it gradually moves from a position revolving along the equator to points more toward its outer edge or towards the very center. When the sun's revolutions take it along a path directly above that area, places beneath its path will experience summer while those farthest away will experience winter. It's very simple. The Earth plane is stationary, it's fixed, it's completely immobile. It's the sun that revolves around and over the Earth plane. Areas that are too far from the path the sun takes across the sky are part of the frigid wasteland beyond the Antarctic ice ring. It's said that there are whole continents to be found there, but just as we cannot get more than a few miles up, and just as we cannot get more than a few miles down, we cannot venture very far beyond Antarctica due to the extreme cold.


Seasons are caused because of the Earth's tilt on its axis. When the area you're on is closer to the sun, it's summer, and when it's farther, it's winter. If the Earth were flat -and- titled, then there would still be seasons. If it were just flat and spun on a perfect 90 degree axis, there wouldn't be seasons, just day and night.