Do most scientists thing life on earth originated with organic molecules from outer space?



Hey, don't tell anyone that it was me who divulged this, but the EARTH originated from outer space !!! So everything on it has its origin in outer space, it is quite irrelevant exactly when or how it got here, that is where it came from!

Atheist Anthony

We know from radio astronomy that space is simply awash with carbon-based organic molecules. So the gas and dust cloud that collapsed to form our solar system would similarly have been awash with organic molecules.


I didn't think Scientists know it


They think that organic molecules formed on Earth. Of course, space is the ultimate source of most elements here on Earth.


Planet earth orbits in outer space.


No. I think It is both. Urey Miller experiment And organic molecules from space.


Scientists truly don't know. It's the current hypothesis being thrown around these days. The organic molecules had to come from somewhere, true enough. Whether they happen to form on the surface of the earth with or without celestial interference is anyone's guess. We weren't here billions of years ago to search for evidence in this matter. One thing's for certain: We are all products of the universe. Our molecules were born from stellar material.


No. That just shifts the origin of life back one step and provides no useful information.


I dont know if most do but some believe the elements for life were delivered to earth along with water by comets but there are more theories of course.


I'm not sure most do. But it is a theory as are all such thoughts.