Do you think a color exist that you do not see right now? What do you think it would express?

By express I mean like how blue expresses coolness and water and red expresses energy and fire. But did you know we have special eyes anyways? Birds are the only animals that can see better than us in a way that would matter to us... because all other animals who can see more colors actually cannot see mixed colors...only birds and primates can actually see colors like teal blue or violet. Other animals see exact colors just in different shades...even if they are better at detecting the different most of us we prefer to be able to see mixtures of colors. But even birds are blind at night (except for like owls...but owls cannot see as many colors)... So we can see many colors and blends but also can see at night..I think we win. And I am not sure a "new" color actually exist... because in reality our brains make color.. colors do not exist outside of our brain. So I think animals who can see more colors are just seeing more shades of one color and also just have better ability to recognize different exact blends better. I mean we have blue red and green cones... but we see all types of colors... obviously we are not limited to what our cones suggest but instead cones are tools used to tag reality with colors that we already have in our brains... so the ability to see more colors is not based on the eyes but rather the brain. I do still wonder about a new color... How would one react to seeing brand new color for the first time? How would you?


Bees can see colors into the ultraviolet. Pit vipers can "see" into the infrared. Birds and primates are not all that special.


I'm color blind, so green & blue look the same, among others. But I remember that I'm wearing a green shirt & blue pants, & that gf told me they look OK together .............


Colors do express mood. A crimson sunset, or golden sunrise. The blue sky. etc. Physics: Red, blue and green are primary colors. Many 'new' colors can be made by mixing these in varying proportions. White gives it a pale or bright appearance. Black gives it a dark appearance. Painters bring out a theme by painting a picture with various colors. Colors also indicate the racial origin of a person, some of them being cream for British, red for Americans, Brown for Indians, Yellow for Chinese and white for Persians. At times, I believe I had the superhuman ability of seeing infrared light (red). This helped me spot wires damaged by internal burnouts during an electronic research project I worked on. However, normally I do not see infrared.


There are lots of colors that I don't see. I see a narrow sliver of colors between 400 and 700 nm.

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Colours are derived from the visible (to us) part of the electromagnetic spectrum. Others such as ultraviolet and Infra red are not visible to us, but there is nothing mysterious about them and there is no chance that a new colour could appear out of nowhere; we have mapped the enitre electomagnetic spectrum.


are you on drugs? How much do they cost, and do they let you see the pixies?