Does having a good memory mean your inteliagnt?

Okay the reason i ask this is because i remmber thing's so easily but due to the fact all im doing is memorizing does that make one inteligant.

Jeffrey K

No. Intelligence is not memory. A tape recorded and a computer disk have perfect memories but that doesn't make them intelligent.


No, intelligence includes the ability to process and analyze information (for example, spelling words correctly instead of phonetically).

Captain Matticus, LandPiratesInc

There are various aspects to intelligence, but most people seem to agree that an aptitude for pattern recognition, as well as being capable of combining disparate pieces of information in a way to create something new are better signs of intelligence than memory. After all, a computer can remember all sorts of things, but it can't connect different pieces of information that have some sort of common theme. A great example of a person with a fantastic memory, but no ability to apply it, was Kim Peek. He was the real-life inspiration for the titular character in Rain Man. Kim had a measured IQ of about 70 and he was able to read 2 different things simultaneously and offer instant recall of what he had seen, heard, or read. He couldn't use the information to create solutions to a presented problem, but he was able to remember nearly everything perfectly. So, being able to remember something is partly a sign of intelligence, but it's your ability to use that information that truly measures your intelligence.