What is the possibility of finding dinosaur bones in Mars?



About the same as expecting Donald Trump to tell the truth.


Maybe a couple bone fragments could have been hurled off Earth during the Chicxulub impact and floated through space before landing on Mars. We have considered that a few meteorites here on Earth have arrived from Mars, so why not the other way around?

Ronald 7

Practically zero percent Although wouldn't It be fantastic ??


No possibility of finding dinosaur bones on Mars. It was a comet or meteor that killed off the dinosaurs not Martian appetites.


Unless Putin puts them their to confound the Americans, 0% chance.

Dr. D

For dinosaur bones to be found on Mars that would mean that for billions of years Mars would need an atmosphere similar to earth. That atmosphere would be needed to provide water and oxygen to the planet for animals to live. Then for reasons unknown, Mars would then lose that atmosphere. I'd speculate that no one will ever find bones of any sort on Mars.

Jeffrey K

None. Dinosaurs never lived on Mars. They lived on earth.


Ice was found on mars. So that could mean anything.


Rocks containing fragments of bones may have been blasted into space by large meteor impacts with the Earth and floated around the solar system until those rocks got caught in Mars' gravity and survived the impact with the surface. We have recovered meteors on Earth that came from other bodies in the Solar System, including Mars. I have no doubt they will find fossilized life of some kind of Mars but when they examine it they will find it was brought from Earth by this method. So small chance there may be small fragments of dinosaur bones on Mars inside of meteors that came from Earth.

westville sal

...probably zero.


Why bother with all the expense and technological hassle of finding out? We have an actual living dinosaur right here on planet Earth sitting in the Oval Office


No zero Possibility on mars. Because Dinosaur lived in earth


examination in the form of us getting guys to the surface in our lifetime,,may result in age changing discoveries about mars ,,and us too we do not know yet,it ain't the las vegas card dealers here,only laptop scientists


None, unless an earth-based mission plants them there.


Zero There are no fossils of any kind on Mars. Mars has been like it is for at least 3 billion years. Before that, life could have existed on Mars - before it lost its atmosphere. But that life could hardly have evolved beyond single celled organisms - which do not leave fossil remains.






Zero, imo. Dinosaurs never had interplanetary travel.


No chance


Okay how should i put this about yhe same as me finding my brain lost that years ago sadly.


0 through 1


Very very unlikely unless they arrived there from the outside, that is they originated from earth anyway


Why doesn't Mars have oil.... ? Pretty close to zero, you know because if life ever evolved on Mars, it would probably be simple microbes. That kind of macro scale of life wouldn't be possible. There should be remnants of other life too, or plants, fish etc, and we would be able to tell if that happened.


None. Dinosaurs evolved under very specific conditions. It's much different on Mars. Less gravity means different evolution. Different environmental pressures.


There is no possibility of finding dinosaur bones because dinosaurs can live only on earth and not on planets that we cannot live on like human beings


we might find bones of SOMETHING on mars i've heard that mars was a perfect place for life to develop a long time ago but something made mars into a gigantic sandbox if any kind of live developed on mars we would be able to find at least some fossils


There is absolutely no possibility that dinosaur bones will be discovered on Mars. If Mars ever had life on it we should not expect it to be the same as on Earth. What evolution has produced on Earth had no inevitability about it. If we could press stop and then rewind and rewound back to the last universal common ancestor and pressed play there is no reason why the same species would evolve. Therefore, we have no reason to expect evolution on Mars to go through the same series of species on Earth.


Zero. No one will go to Mars before global warming destroys civilisatipn.




If dinosaurs evolved to be intelligent and left there stupid distant cousins behind then went to mars and went underground then its 5050