If the earth were really flat, would an asteroid tip it over instead of destroying it?

[Lol r/woosh this was a joke]

Ronald 7

It probably would ha ha Is that one in the Eye for the Stupid Flat Earthers ?? And their two dimensional view ?? But what a ride !!! Wheeeee!!!!!!


stupid question. the earth is not flat so why even speculate on it


LOL. That's funny!


It would boiiiinnngg off!!


Probably not.


It might crack & break up into smaller flat bits. Perhaps that's theit Creation Myth - The Crack Up.


No! The Earth was once flat floating along in orbit like a big pizza and an asteroid came along smashed into it, broke a spinning piece off that is now the moon, and the spinning Earth reformed into a sphere. Buy a pizza, beat the heck out of it, and you get a lumpy ball... See? Proof! All the UFO reports are aliens looking for hot pizza.. news only travels at the speed of light and some civilizations get left out of the news loop!


No...it would bust it apart like a rock through a window.

armen m

stop with the flat earth bs,it is a fact that earth is a 4th dimension rhomboid


Good question


Why are planets round ? Can there be planets in other shapes and forms ?


That depends on the power of asteroids.

Jordan Shepard

Simply, no. Not necessarily. Depending on how close to the center of the flat Earth the asteroid would hit, the Earth could possibly be split into two. Or if hitting closer to one of the edges, a chunk of the edge would fall off, and perhaps our gravitational pull would be affected, but not as aggressively as "tipping over".


The earth is not flat. All the planets are round therefore it would make since the the earth would also be round. Go the the oldest book and note that at Isaiah 40:22 it says “There is one who dwells above the circle of the earth.”


...no, it's gravity would still be there and the surface would still be as soft. It's not like throwing a marble at a sheet of cardboard.


Uhhh, what asteroid destroyed a Earth , flat or spherical? The Chicxulub and Meteor Crater meteorites were not asteroids. Theia was the size of mars and it did NOT shatter Earth. The seismic lives ripped off Earth's crust and part of the mantle. That coalesced to become the Moon. Theia would have shattered, destroyed a flat Earth. That's more evidence Earth really is spherical. It would depend WHERE in a flat Earth an asteroid would impact would determine if it would flip over or destroy a flat Earth. So would the speed of the asteroid.