Scientists: Can we live after death?

Science Question: If the big bang repeats infinitely, that means everything that could ever happen, will. So... Does that mean we can live twice? Or even infinitely? If the exact same processes that birthed you were replicated down to the subatomic level, or even lower, and every other variable were exactly the same as your inception, will you consciousnTess live on and not know it?


No you cannot live after death. You make a very big but very false assumption: If the universe has or will go through repeated expansions and deflations that each new universe is just a repeat of the previous one. There is no evidence that would be true. Indeed it is thought that if we could rewind evolution to the last known common ancestor then pressed play that evolution would not produce the same species and may very well not produce us. Consciousness is not derived from anything but our material selves. When we are dead our conscience is no more. What I think people who cannot accept this are really worried about is their fragile ego and they cannot accept that one day they will be no more.

Jeffrey K

That is like asking if an exact copy of you were made by a device like the transporter on Star Trek, would that copy really be you? Would he have your consciousness or another identical consciousness? Can your consciousness be duplicated? I don't know the answers. I don't even know what consciousness is? Does anyone?


No. Sadly, we all die. No one has come back from being dead to say otherwise. And we do not know that the "big bang" ever does repeat. The evidence suggests that it is a once only event. With an origin in time about 13.8 billion years ago. And an end point in the very remote future - cetainly trillions of years from now, if not vastly more in the future than that. Cosmologists are not in full agreement of the end of the universe.


Can we live after death? Scientifically, living after death is not possible. If the big bang repeats indefinitely? There is no evidence that it does. The expansion of the Universe is actually speeding up.


there is no evidence for a life after death i guess we will have to wait until we can upload consciousnesses into computers

The Grim Reaper

Not really.


you'll find out after you die, i dont think theres anyway anyone can know that for sure


You'll find out for yourself one day!