In crunchy peanut butter why does the crunchy part of the pea nuts come to the top?



??? they don't come to the top in any of the crunchy styles I have ever purchased. The peanut bits are from top to bottom.


The peanuts are less dense than the peanut oil. The peanuts also have more air trapped in them than the oil.


It's gods will

Steven S

They float?


I don't think they do, I think they just seem to have when you open the jar. the "butter" is poured warmer and contracts slightly afterward, making the peanuts at the top seem to rise up even though they don't. Of course, I wouldn't put it past the manufacturers to pour in a high concentration of peanuts at the very end to make it look like there are more nut bits in the total than there actually are.


Granular convection, or granular segregation, is a phenomenon where granular material subjected to shaking or vibration will exhibit circulation patterns similar to types of fluid convection. It is sometimes described as the Brazil nut effect when the largest particles end up on the surface of a granular material containing a mixture of variously sized objects; this derives from the example of a typical container of mixed nuts, where the largest will be Brazil nuts. The phenomenon is also known as the muesli effect since it is seen in packets of breakfast cereal containing particles of different sizes but similar density, such as muesli mix. see link for more info.




Lol! Good question.