What created every natural thing around us?

From Earth itself to life, the different life forms and their adaptabilities. The stars, the galaxy, oxygen hydrogen and other elements and gravity and how they all work, the laws of physics. Is it possible all of these things were created by a diety? A God? Religious people like Christians would use this a proof God exists. What are your opinions? Do you think it is likely created from something rather than nothing? And how?


Not one of the things you list were 'created'. There is no creator and there are no gods. Proof is irrelevant because evidence is what is required. The two are different. The beliefs of Christians clearly demonstrates their failure to understand what evidence is. They have no evidence to support their claims. Not all Christians are creationists. Many accept the scientific explanations.


There is no objective evidence that anything real was created. Humans created many creator gods, of course.

miyuki & kyojin

Nothing create anything. Creator gods not exist.

Jeffrey K

If God created the universe, then who or what created God? That hypothesis doesn't answer anything. It just pushes the question one more step back.

Venus 1485AD

Nothing was created in the world of nature. Humans created much fiction, e.g. gods, Batman, etc.


This is nothing to do with science. And this is not a site for religious claptrap. Opinions are worthless. Either ask a sensible question, or bugger off to the Religion and Philosophy Section. They will give you more stupid opinions than you can handle.


"Creation" is kind of a human generated concept, no? Our sensory information varies with time. Some things stay relatively constant. Some change. In order to make sense of these things, we make mental constructs and definitions like "object", "entity", "life", "creation", "destruction", "movement", "time" etc. I mean what if we never defined a tree as something separate from the other plants? Then a tree would never get created. Well then we might say that a plant was created. Well, what if we never defined plants and we just thought this was a fuzzy part of the Earth where various chemical processes went on. And these fuzzy outcroppings of the Earth go through a continuous process of growth and decay, kind of like waves on the ocean. We could say that nothings really created there, it's just constantly changing, the same chemicals or elements moving to different parts of the earth and recombining in different forms. To make a long point short, nothing can be created unless we first define it. The concept of creation becomes necessary when we define objects and develop the concepts of time and cause and effect. IMO, the best we can ever hope for is to arrive at models that adequately describe and predict what we experience, observe and measure. But we can never know for sure if those models are reality or just useful thinking tools. They may perfectly fit present data and make perfect sense. But it's always possible new data will arrive, new observations made, that the model or concept did not predict or account for. The value of a concept like God or a magnetic field lies solely in its usefulness.


Creation of the Universe Multiverse Theory follows logically from known quantum mechanics and asking, “What is the universe expanding into?” We make the assumption that there is a "hyper Spacetime" that has always existed. (what the universe is expanding into) There must be a bottom to the rabbit hole of existence. At some point: Where did ______ come from, must have the answer: Someone or something has always existed God has always existed and created spacetime. Spacetime has always existed Both statements are equally valid. Take your choice. Anyhow: Spacetime is not nothing. It has properties, it can be bent, warped, twisted. Spacetime has structure. Spacetime is pervaded by Dark Energy. In fact, Dark Energy may be the structure of Spacetime, what we call the "Fabric of Spacetime So, we have a huge amount of energy stored in the Fabric of Spacetime. A quantum fluctuation releases some of that energy as a Big Bang creating a universe. It is all a matter of scale This process has gone on in the past and continues today creating an infinite number of universes. We see the Big Bang not as a unique event, but as a regular event that fits with a logical, consistant physical process. Physics makes the most sense without unique events. A physics that allows unique events is unpredictable and borders on magic. Source(s): Fabric of the Cosmos, Brian Greene Scientific American on Multiverse Theory http://www.ted.com/talks/brian_greene_wh... Inflationary Universe, A New Theory of Cosmic Origins, Alan Guth Tegmark, Max (May 2003). "Parallel Universes". Scientific American.


NOTE PLEASE SOME OF THE GREATESTS TRUTHS: (Hebrews 3:4) 4 Of course, every house is constructed by someone, but the one who constructed all things is God.". . *** Bible Citations ***Isaiah 40 25 “To whom can you liken me to make me his equal?” says the Holy One. 26 “Lift up your eyes to heaven and see. Who has created these things? It is the One who brings out their army by number; He calls them all by name. Because of his vast dynamic energy and his awe-inspiring power, Not one of them is missing. " *** ce chap. 12 p. 152 Who Did It First? *** Chapter 12 Who Did It First? “I HAVE the suspicion,” one biologist said, “that we’re not the innovators we think we are; we’re merely the repeaters.”1 Many times, human inventors only repeat what plants and animals have been doing for thousands of years. This copying from living things is so prevalent that it has been given its own name—bionics. Note also the amazing variety in all the heavens & earth: (1 Corinthians 15:39-41) . . .Not all flesh is the same flesh, but there is one of mankind, there is another flesh of cattle, another flesh of birds, and another of fish. 40 And there are heavenly bodies and earthly bodies; but the glory of the heavenly bodies is one sort, and that of the earthly bodies is a different sort. 41 The glory of the sun is one sort, and the glory of the moon is another, and the glory of the stars is another; in fact, one star differs from another star in glory."


I have studied philosophy and even philosophy can 'prove' Gods existence. I do believe in God and that he created everthing. Just type in scientific miracles in the Quran into google and you will be mindblown