What would happen if a 7 ft 2 and 220 pounds guy stood on my chest ?

I am 4 ft 11 guy and I wonder if I could witstand the pressure :D If he jumped on my head , would my skull get crushed ?


Same as if he was 3 feet tall or 8 feet tall - only the weight matters. Your own weight is enough to make it very difficult to breathe. If you get in a swimming pool sometime and have a length of garden hose to breathe through, try using it as a snorkel when you are upright with the top of your head underwater. That puts your diaphragm about 2/12 feet under water and applies roughly 12 lbs per square inch to your mid-abdomen. If you try to inhale you will find it very difficult or impossible - more than if you had a great weight on your chest because your abdomen can't expand either. A child can break a skull by jumping on the side of it.


He would be a little taller. You'd still be stupid.