Where is a state in the Eastern US that has an annual snowfall average of 0 inches?


Iggy Rocko





Florida, and probably southern Georgia. Wish the same was true for NJ I'm so gonna go south when i can.


Florida is the only state with a 0 average in the east. Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina receive little snow, but a little more than Florida, so those are close as well. If you wouldn't mind some snow you need to look Virginia southward, but if you want very little to none at all you should look further south, like Florida or the southern parts of the Southeast states.


If you look at the reference, there are only a few states that have zero, and of those only Florida is on the eastern seaboard. But I know that Florida does have snow occasionally, so the number for Florida is probably actually <0.1 inches.


If rounded, and depending on the precision, Florida could qualify. In a very strict sense of speaking, nowhere that has ever had snow, ever, has a true average of 0. It does snow once in a while, in parts of Florida, so the state in bulk is not truly a 0 snow average, but it is pretty close for the snow accumulation per surface area of the state per year. Most of the state never sees snow and even the parts that do, generally don't do it every year or in very large quantities, so you could pretend that the average snowfall is 0 for the state, even if that isn't exactly and totally true for the entire state. More true than untrue.

Jake No Chat

Florida. Gonna go there soon, we got 2 inches of snow last night, and more is on the way.