Are siberian tigers extinct.?


Elaine M

Not yet. The Java tiger is extinct though. Tigers had 5 different species, we only have 4 left.


No, the Siberian Tiger (Panthera tigris tigris) is not yet extinct but it is the most critically endangered of all extant tiger subspecies. Very often P. t. tigris is now given the common name Amur Tiger to reflect it is now only to be found in the Amur Region of Siberia.

Gray Bold

No. An initial census held in 2015 indicated that the Siberian tiger population had increased to 480–540 individuals in the Russian Far East, including 100 cubs. This was followed up by a more detailed census which revealed there was a total population of 562 wild Siberian tigers in Russia.


no there are still some


Not yet.




They are still there, but not many.