Is black bear for the most part a docile herbivore that feasts on blueberries?

And salmon


It's not very docile. It's closer to an omnivore since it scavages mostly on dead animals it finds. Then it roots. It'll eat blueberries. It'll eat apples too. It can be friendly if raised correctly from a young age. It's a very powerful dominate mammel not good to mess with. But it won't bother you usually if you don't bother it and that includes camping they usually don't bother camps. Or people. They are fun to watch from a distance but don't try to feed it unless you raised it. Even then feeding is optional if it can get it's own food, lives outside a cage. Most of what I put down here is third party hearsay.

Elaine M

No. It's an omnivore not a herbivore.


I shall infer you are asking about Ursus americanus (American Black Bear). The American Black Bear's diet is predominantly herbivorous. They do eat some insects and beetles. If they consume vertebrates it is usually as carrion. They are not active predators. For most of the time American Black Bears are docile. They have no reason not to be. However, they will defend themself if necessary and an adult female would certainly defend her cubs. Obviously, if an American Black Bear felt threatened by a human and it attacked the human would come off far worse and may be fatally injured.


no. they are not docile and will kill you just like any other bear. they are not herbivores they are omnivores, they eat anything they can kill.


What kind of bush do you think salmon grows on? I assure you they are not herbivores, they are big, hairy garbage disposers and are why you don't keep hotdogs inside the tent when camping in bear country.


For the most part unless it gets hungry and better things aren't available or unless its cubs become endangered.


A black bear can climb a tree like you wouldn't believe and if provoked, a killer, so no, it is not. It is best to stay out of their way and leave them alone and if confronted, don't even think of running.


For the most part they feast on overturned trash bins and roadkill.


Blueberries and the occasional tourist.