Is it legal to pick up roadkill squirrels in california?

I want to try doing an art piece with a skull and I was thinking that I could wait until I see a squirrel that had been hit by a car (that's pretty common where I live) and use that. I looked up roadkill laws but everything I find is talking about deer and larger animals. I haven't found anything on squirrels or other small mammals, so I was wondering if anybody knew if it would be ok to do that or not.

Elaine M

Squirrel skulls are ok to have. Put the body under brush/bushes/leaves at the side of the road and go back in 3 weeks, the bones will be cleaned off by insects by then. You'll have to glue the teeth in, they get very loose when the flesh is gone. I've collected skulls of skunk, fox, one coyote, three or four raccoons, a squirrel and a crow. The only one I'm technically not supposed to have is the crow, they're Federally protected, but it was found in the woods, I didn't kill it (didn't kill any of these in fact).


Damn Rodent, no sweat


EWWWWW Look up the California laws. I would not think so, but I'm not from california


It's legal i think but better to not of angry spirit of squirrels around.