Catholics, did dinosaurs really exist?

I don't think so,

No Chance Without Atheists

Why are you asking Catholics? They change their minds everytime science proves their Church wrong. Of course they existed! But so did Adam and Eve....until science proved the Catholic Church wrong.


"I don't think so." -- Time to get away from the poisonous anti-intellectual environment in which you were raised.


Yes, they did exist. Go to a museum and look at the Bones. Go to a Dig Site and look at the Bones.


Evidence suggests they did... now, it is possible that the evidence is misleading, but the chances of that are really small so why worry about it? Until different proof comes up we should assume there probably were dinos walking around


I do not know why you are posting a question about dinosaurs in a forum on Zoology and addressing it to Catholics. Answers from Catholics will be mixed and misleading. There are Catholics who believe Genesis's two accounts of creation are literally true. Others stand with the Catholic Church's official position that evolution is fact. There is a very large body of evidence and considerable numbers of fossils that show that dinosaurs certainly did exist.