Does anyone else find eating dogs, duck, octopus, guinee pig and any exotic animal gross?

I don’t know I saw people eating grilled Guinnee pig and eww it looked so gross.


Guinea pig is actually the fifth most-consumed meat in the world. Duck a l'orange is considered gourmet food. Octopus isn't bad if not overcooked. I can't comment on dog from personal experience. I have had a few meals that you might consider gross. Off the top of my head: ants, grasshoppers, rabbit (several species), nutria, muskrat, marmots, bison, kangaroo, whale (back when it was legal in the USA), snake, turtle, alligator, and numerous species of fishes.

Elaine M

Raw eggs in a pan look gross too.


There is nothing innately disgusting about eating any species of organism. It all comes down to culture and what you are used to. I like duck. I do not like octopus or squid. I could not bring myself to eat dog and I doubt a guinea pig would be very filling. Equally, I would probably vomit if someone served me snake but in some cultures they are eaten. A colleague of mine visited China and they had tanks of live snakes in restaurants, you chose your snake, they killed it and cooked it for you. A former secretary of mine was Han Chinese and she said as far as the Chinese are concerned nothing is off the menu. They will eta anything. So it all comes down to cultural mores.


Duck is ok but the others you mentioned are pretty disgusting to consume.


Duck is tasty, actually, and so is octopus and squid. I don't particularly enjoy eating pet animals. I would if I was hungry enough, but I haven't been that hungry yet. Yes, I know there is a conflict between respect for life and eating animals, but I do have to live and meat is one of the things I eat. I just won't eat "friends". Don't make friends with your food.


can you really say that if you knew what you were eating, you would not say that it was also gross your opinion so keep it to your self as no one is making you eat it


I just could not eat any of those things. I don't think it would bother me if I never ate any type of animal.


If I'm hungry enough I'd eat you....grilled with Teriyaki sauce. Lol.

The Lone Desert Wolf

I've had duck, it was okay but it's really greasy. I haven't had the others and don't care to.