If you gave a pig liquor like whiskey to get it fat over a span of a year then cooked it would it taste sweeter and like whiskey?

Personal experience, answers from males and females. Harder for women to let go doesn t matter.

Good Bye

NO, it won't. Doesn't matter, as it is food, and doesn't go into the body of the pig, just digested like any other food.


No, the pig meat will not taste like whiskey. Whiskey will not flow from its gastrointestinal (GI) tract into its blood and then its tissues giving it a whiskey flavour. Whiskey, like anything else it may consume, is digested in its GI tract and broken down to its constituent simple molecules. It is those simple molecules that will get absorbed.




It won't get fat from whiskey. And it will not taste sweeter like whiskey.

Crim Liar

You are just going to end up with a pissed angry pig!