Will a wild rabbit die after eating carrots 3 days in a row?

I noticed we have a bunny living just outside our door. With the weather being sub zero over the last few nights I have been putting a carrot out every night for the last 3 nights. I just read that feeding a lot of carrots to a rabbit will kill them. Will this rabbit die? Just trying to make his/her life a little better during this brutal weather.


Green salad. You could always let it in if it will come.


Do not give a rabbit carrots. They are high in sugar and can harm a rabbit. The problem is cartoons, fiction, etc. always depict rabbits as eating carrots. However, root vegetables do not form part of a rabbit's diet. The best thing you can give the rabbit is hay purchased from a pet shop. Research done by the University of Bristol, UK (which has great expertise in veterinary care of rabbits) says that items such as carrots and lettuce are harmful to rabbits causing both tooth decay and digestive problems.


Buy him a small bundle of hay at a pet store - and provide a warm place for him to sleep.


It's not carrots that kill the rabbit. People think it's a little is good a lot is better and will feed the bunnies five or 10 carrots every day the rabbits like it ...... it's kind like junk food ......they don't get alfalfa or grass or pellets which means they don't get the fiber and usually end up with horrible diarrhea and end up dying of dehydration . A couple carrots won't kill bunny as I'm sure it's eating other things. If you have any corn or apple, alfalfa cubes from a pet or even a plain dog biscuit he may even munch on those. I have biscuits with vegetable flavor and just straight plain unflavored that our squirrels and bunnies often munch on. Corn, in any form, crimped, cracked, whole or on the cob, gold! All wildlife loves it, whole corns hardest for all wildlife but they manage to break it down to eat it.

Dances with Weed

With any luck youve killed him already. Congratulations on your first murder. Your hate has made you powerful.


Yes he's probably already dead.