How long did it take for anatomically modern humans to develop a language?

When homo sapiens came into being, how long did it took them to develop a language? I suppose there were many small tribes of people, but how long would it would have taken for one tribe to develop their own language? It must be have been a really long time before a somewhat large group of people could develop a language, since it would probably take a long time for a small tribe to develop a language, and then it could get wiped out by a bigger tribe.


Homo sapiens always had language, and their ancestors of a different species had language before them. I don't know what you're thinking, but... that's not how it works.

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Little is known about the timing of language's emergence in the human species. Unlike writing, speech leaves no material trace, making it archaeologically invisible.


I suspect that language preceded Homo sapiens. Chimps have a vocal language. So do dogs and many birds.