Is it a stereotype that all Japanese people like to eat fish, or do they literally all like to eat fish?



Its their main source of protein. I'm sure there are a few that don't like fish but they would be a very small portion of the population


Nothing is 100%, but most Japanese eat seafood.

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Japan is an island nation surrounded by ocean on all sides, so it kind of stands to reason that the large majority of people living there have a diet that includes seafood. Vegetarians are rare but they do exist in Japan although it's often for religious reasons.


doesn't everybody like to eat fish


Japan is historically a seafood-eating culture because of their island geography. But every person likes different things.


Basically I can live without eating fish. I never thought that baked fish and raw fish were delicious.


Well I haven't met a single Japanese person who doesn't like Sushi.

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A report written in Japan to promote the appeal of fish, notes that younger people are increasingly opting for meat. It says fish consumption is particularly low among people in their 40s and younger.


more than 50% of the people of the world eat fish.

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Most Japanese love fish, but many of them also love beef.


A stereotype means that the generalization is 99 percent correct most of the time. So yeah the Japanese do like it.