Seriously do you think white skin people come from Europe?


I Love Pigeons and Hate People

Why do people make you want to drink bleach?

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The distribution of indigenous light-skinned populations is highly correlated with the low ultraviolet radiation levels of the regions inhabited by them. Historically, light-skinned indigenous populations almost exclusively lived far from the equator, in high latitude areas with low sunlight intensity; for example, in Northwestern Europe. Due to mass migration and increased mobility of people between geographical regions in recent centuries, light-skinned populations today are found all over the world.

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Only the good white skinned people are of European descent. Other white skinned people like kikes chinks and Mudslimes are the bad ones.


No, Asians can be white skinned too.


No, Europe come from them


ive never seen a person with white skin

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They probably came from Africa. Just like everyone else.