Why do people block libcrusher when he is truthful?


Spirit of All

He blocked me due to his own insecurities

Common Sense

Some people do not like the truth. Take Llewen for example. He asks a question and if you do not agree with him then he blacks you. Blocking must be his safe space tool.

Justin Thyme

Many blocked me for that.


Frankly, anyone who pays attention to usernames on this site is probably spending too much time here.


Is Libcrusher a male? I used to think that but now I have to wonder whether it’s a lonely menopausal female. Sure is bïtchy enough.


He's a waste of flesh, and the world will be better off when he finally ends his wretched, miserable, failure of a life.

Gilgamesh King of Uruk

i dont block him, im surprised he hasnt blocked me yet though, i triggar him so good lol


Aww what's the matter Lilcruiser,,, does it hurt your feelings when people block you.


I don't, the crazy Yank pays good money for my sticky shorts.