I had a dream of being raped?

!!DREAM THIS IS A DREAM!! So im a 15 year old man and about medium hight but i had a dream Dream- i wus a lot shorter then i am ( like little kid sized) and i dont remember how i got there but i felt concerned but nice then the man picked me up amd took me to his room and sat me on his bed and wus giving me clothes but when in wus changing he grabed my eyes and i just stoped and froze leting him do it but then he bent me over and started to strip but i told him not to and then well you know but in the dream i wus crying and screaming but when he wus done and i calmed down i huged him and felt sad but loved him WHAT DOES THIS MEAN!!

Good Man

Since u r growing adult , there is hormones changes in ur body . Normally , in this age such subject sees sex dreams normally as active but some times as passive , as u see in ur dream . Such dreams depicts u weak feelings of mind that , u r not yet able to have sex with some body and may become victim of sodomy instead by a some one who u feel is more powerful than u in sex


Could this be a memory from childhood which came back to haunt you, in a dream? If nothing like this happened to you, then this was just one of those crazy juvenile dreams brought on by hormones. Adolescences go through times like this. Best not to worry about it, and just accept that until you get through your teens, or puberty you will have all kinds of sexual thoughts, desires, and dreams. Take it all with "a grain of salt," unless you have childhood memories which haunt you. Then you must go for help or therapy.

Blue Sky 🐾

Dreams can be very random, so it might not mean anything at all. But if you keep having this same dream, and I hope you don't, then you might want to consider talking to a therapist about it.

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