I had the weirdest dream last night. Can anybody interpret it?

I m not exactly sure if this dream really means anything, but just in case in does mean something... here goes nothing: There was a party going on at my house. I didn t really want to socialize with anybody there so I hid upstairs in my bathroom and took a bath. Once I got out, I saw a mirror out of the corner of my eye. I turned my head and looked right at it. The mirror was black and see-through. I got scared and screamed. A couple of seconds later, I heard another horrible scream that made me jump. I looked at a phone that had somehow gotten in my hand and there was a video of a man screaming. Then, there was another video of a teenage girl getting strangled to death with a rope by a man. She was trying to call out for her mom for help but of course, her mom didn't come to her aid. Suddenly, a bunch of my classmates came running upstairs and into the bathroom I was in. *Thank god my clothes somehow were back on me even though I just got out of the bath...* And they were saying something about hide and seek and where they should hide. I started to walk away until I heard my crush, Joshua's voice. *Code name for my crush.* I got really excited and though Josh was with the boys in the bathroom so I walked back to the bathroom but I didn't see Josh! I swore I heard him talking with the boys. I grew a little bit sad and disappointed. Suddenly, the boys all wrapped themselves inside of the shower curtain! *Dream continuing on the update* I opened up the shower curtain just so I could tell the boys that I knew what they were trying to do. They were obviously trying to watch me! But then, once I opened up the shower curtain, I realised that they were just playing hide and seek.. I felt stupid. One of the boys gave me a dirty look and closed the curtain and wrapped them all back up in the curtain again. This is all I remember from the dream... but does it mean anything? Or was it just another weird dream?


Too many scary movies or seen real crimes.


Good detail. There are three main types of dreams and dreams are almost exclusively about us. There is wish dreams, fear based dreams and introspective dreams. This dream seems to have elements of all three but primarily it is a wish based dream. Dreams also come in three parts, not necessarily a past, present, future. So, the background with the party and not being interested in socializing is like the school and your class. That is the social environment. You are inspecting yourself in the mirror. The exact object or scene could be combined with some movie you just saw. Social life is a bit frightful is what I'm getting. Then you like this guy but he hasn't noticed you. He's hidden from you (shower curtain). There maybe more to it.