Need help interpreting a dream I’ve looked up possibilities, but nothing quite matches?

In my dream there was a child being abducted, now I don’t have any of my own, but I do babysit a handful. I was quick to call 9 11 etc giving them details, fast forward to the next day I was watching a few kids. The entire time I was near the door making sure it was lock, I didn’t want any child outside. I was super paranoid/worried that something bad was going to happen. On the outside of the house I remember seeing a few girls (around 4 yrs old) trying to lurk the kids I was watching out??? That’s all I can recall? Any ideas??

Good Man

When u see a child abducted , it alludes to your inability to handle certain problems or issues in your life due to being overwhelmed by many challenges in your life.Dream also shows many time failures in ur plans to achieve ur goals due to non concentration of mind lurking here and there


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