I had a dream I was almost raped by someone close to me, what does it mean?

The guy I am seeing is a man I've shortly dated a year ago. Due to life events, it didn't work out. We're seeing each other as friends and sleeping together. (Breaking a years dry spell for me.) In the dream were were at his place on the couch and he leaned in to me and told me "I just want to ****. Hard. Rough. No "stop", no "no", no being gentle, no holding back." As he says this he grabs me by the throat and squeezes. Then he grabs my left-hand wrist and holds me firm. I'm panicking. I tell him "You know you can't do that with me. I'm not ready for that yet." I start begging him "Please don't. Please no. Don't make me go through this again." (Again being that I was raped 4 years ago, which I've told him about when I was very drunk). Just before the dream ends, he let's go of my throat and wrist as the panic inside me sudden stops. My arms are shaking. Can anyone give me some insight into this dream? I don't know what to make of it.

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U feel over powered by some one in waking life and feel helpless against him

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Most of the dreams that we have are a result of our thoughts and events that have occurred in the past. I don't think your dream was indicating that your boyfriend is a rapist or anything but you most likely were thinking about your boyfriend earlier in the day and the rape incident was probably in the back of your mind as well so as a result, you had this dream.