What does it mean when you have a dream of someone you don’t talk to anymore?



This person came to your mind for some reason. Perhaps you are wondering how he is getting along. Your dream is trying to ask you to either reconnect with him, or go on without him. I read your other question and finding the other details shows that he doesn't put much effort into communicating with you. Take a hint and and someone else who likes you and is truly interested in you and does more for you that text message you now and then!


Subconsciously you may miss this person, but haven't yet acknowledged it.

Good Man

Despite long time u did not see him , ur mind is not able to forget him .U may had inwardly crush on him but perhaps could not disclose ur crush . Ur mind is reminding u of that time and , in fact , telling u to not lose any opportunity any more if u find such person again in ur life


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It means you will see them again in the near future