Scared of seeing religious people?

Yeah so some really weird sh*t started happening to me in 2015.. a shirt button appeared on the dash of my car while I went to get fuel & for some strange reason I felt like it was to preoccupy my mind.. then that night I saw death at the side of the road (8ft dressed in black cloth pure bone and a giant sickle) but when I looked fully he didn't disapear but I got this random feeling to put my highbeams on and keep going.. later on that night someone got ran over there and died literally opposite where he was...ok then a few months later I start getting stabbing pains through my hands and feet (like Jesus type things) and I'm getting images in my head of me naked with a gun and I shot myself in the head... I had a cat at the time & the same night I had a dream(death was there again) that my cat fell off of my balcony and I ran down to save him and he had been dipped in acid... ok so 2 weeks later my cat was found dead at the side of the road... ok then I bought a cross, same day as I bought the cross I got stabbed by someone randomly... few weeks later and I sold my old car and got a different one for a change to forget everything bad... like the first time I drove it I literally saw death in my mirror sitting in the back seat and pulled over to call my mom.. then it pretended to be a kid so id let it in..anyway I've been trying to get help but I feel it wants death of anyone religious so I'm scared of going into religious places etc to get help???


Don't be scared. Religion is one of the best thing. All have mercy. No bad ones in the world. May all know about Paticca-samuppada right now.