Is this considered Lucid dreaming?

So I recently heard about Lucid dreaming. When you know you’re dreaming and you take control of it. I think I may have experienced it once. I was curious what caused lucid dreaming so I looked it up and now I’m not sure if what I experience was lucid dreaming or not. I usually have dreams that’s I call “repeat dreams” where the place or the actions in which I do in my dreams I’ve seen/done before. But one time, I woke up from a dream briefly before I went back to sleep again. I had a repeat dream. But in my first dream, I was in a prison break and I hid in my room’s closet. I got caught. In my second dream, I knew I was dreaming because I remembered getting caught, so I hid behind the door instead. So I’m my dream, I knew I was dreaming. As I was reading up about lucid dreaming, people talked about being able to fly or feeling like everything was very very vivid like in real life. But that didn’t happen to me. I knew I was dreaming and I changed one event, but it didn’t feel like I was awake or do anything like fly. So was this lucid dreaming?


If you know you're dreaming when you're dreaming, you're dreaming lucidly. Sources: "Watch Your Dreams;" "The Master of Lucid Dreams;" "The Masters and Their Retreats."