What do dreams of a tornado mean?

I had a dream that started I was in the car with someone I couldn't really see their face. We were trying to get somewhere and then traffic stopped. We got out and the sky got weird. I looked up and saw a tornado forming. I just remember yelling at the person I was with that we needed to run. This HUGE tornado was coming right at us. I remember jumping over something and winding up at an apartment complex but whoever I was with originally wasn't there anymore.( I didnt seemed concerned with this) I remember asking people if they would let me in to be safe. No one did they slammed doors in my face. there were two girls sitting on their porch and knew it was coming but didnt seem too concerned with it. I don't know who they were. We started talking about random things and they told me I could stay till the storm passed. We were sitting outside and I looked out and on the hills surrounding I saw multiple tornados. At first they didnt seem to move from there positions and then they started for us. I remember scrambling into their homes with them and everything was being destroyed around us. We got the front door closed and I woke up.


Emotional upheaval. Feeling overwhelmed. Lack of control. Sudden change in your life.