What does it mean to see in your dream your brother getting stab?

I was in my house with my two little borthers i felt i was not safe then the next thing i look out side the window and see i guy sniping in my house, i say to my brother to stay put in the house then rigth after i run to kill em as i was running i see my youngest borther going out side first and got scared and as he see the killer and run rigth in his whay i run before him as fast i as could and i see him get stab with a long big knife in his belly i freak and as the killer runs to attack me i find a rock on the gournd and i run to get him then i use the rock to block his attack i felt i had on chance to block and i did then i go behind his back and and then stabilize him with a grab in his neck and arms then my dog attack him and eat him up!! i took the dog with my from the start but told him not to follow intil i got him so he would be safe!! then my little bro was very hurt!!!!??? thank you for the help!?


I feel you are yours