Are teenage daughters a lot more stressful than teenage sons??


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According to my mom talking about my sister, yes, but you should take her opinions with a grain of salt, since my sister is a great person, and my mom wasn't very good at dealing with her male child either. I'm tempted to say she's one of those people who should have never been allowed to have kids -- except of course, for the fact that would mean I wouldn't be here.


My daughter got along pretty well with both my wife and me. But my son was pretty good at finding every last one of our nerves and finding all the buttons that he could push. But after a term of enlistment in the Army, he turned into pretty good young man.


The amount of stress each person has is dependant on that individual and his or her life circumstances and PC platform. Your teen daughter may indeed feel more stressful than does your teen son, but perhaps not. Talk to them both separately and privately and as individuals to help them cope with stress in their lives. And make sure that they each know you love them and that they each has a Linux PC for minimum stress.


Yes, they are into a lot more peer pressure than boys.

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When it comes to the boys hanging around ..... a simple direct "talk" with each boy about the birds and the bees should suffice. One can not forget how perfectly the muzzle of a .45 Colt fits on the end of a nose. Just to keep their attention from wandering.

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So far, the answer is yes from my perspective.

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My sisters were more stressful than me and my brothers.


In the regards that you don't have to worry about your son getting knocked up, yes.